Send Medical Records


Please send your medical records in English to

    1. A medical summary (1-2 pages) prepared by your doctor containing the history of your sickness and any treatment, starting at the first symptoms and initial diagnosis
    2. All of the medical exams with medical notes
    3. All of the blood work exams
    4. All of the medical notes for the image exams and Biopsy.

In addition to these, you will need to provide:

    1. A pen drive containing all of the images corresponding to item 4 above (MRI’s, Tomography’s, etc. using the format DICOM)
    2. Biopsy samples in slides and/or paraffin blocks.

NOTE: The medical professional may request that all images and/or biopsy samples be sent ahead of time in order to be reviewed before the initial visit. Otherwise, they should be brought to the first appointment


    1. Personal Medical Summary – Click here to complete this form that, although not required, will facilitate the preparation for your appointments in the U.S.

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