What we do


In spite of excellent doctors and hospitals in their own country, many patients with a cancer diagnosis opt for a second opinion or treatment in the United States.

However, the process of deciding where to go, organizing proper documentation and scheduling the appointment(s) can be extremely complex and bureaucratic, in a moment where time is of the essence.

The mission of USAppointment is to guide, simplify and expedite the process of scheduling appointments with the best hospitals and cancer treatments centers in the United States.


We have established two important partnerships to ensure that this process occurs efficiently:

    1. Dr. Shalom Kalnicki, Medical Advisor
      With world-renowned expertise in radiology oncology, Dr. Kalnicki can be the first medical professional in the U.S. to review the case and recommend the next steps.
    2. Sansa Health, a Boston based company, who will carefully make sure that properly translated documents get into the right hands without unnecessary delays. They will also schedule medical appointments and assist in finding suitable accommodations for your stay in the U.S.

Clients Testimonials

“We are extremely thankful to you for helping us at the moment that we had lost all hope”

Rogerio Stefani, São Paulo – SP, Brazil
Beatriz’s father (13 years old)

“We have had total assistance and care during the whole process… before, during and after the treatment, always with much loving care, and attention to all of the important details”

Ianna Prudente . Aracaju – SE, Brazil
Julia’s mother (12 years old)