Xchange 2020 (X20) offers?advanced, practical, interactive education for in-house counsel and legal operations professionals presented and discussed in brand new ways.

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At X20, you won’t be sitting in a classroom with talking heads. Instead, you will be immersed in an educational environment, working with experts—both instructors and peers. Through learning by doing, you and your colleagues will dissect issues and challenges. Together you will?discover best practices, new ways of thinking, and creative solutions.

With a focus on reflection, not regurgitation, X20 will deepen your understanding of critical issues. Explore the program schedule.

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Craft your own combination of directed and purposeful networking and experiential learning with your peers and thought leaders in this interactive, dynamic learning environment. Stay tuned for exciting details.

Attending Xchange as a team will help your legal department to brainstorm and develop an actionable plan for your unique situation. Register your team members at the same time and save money!

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